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Waking up to see your art on DVD cover! 

My Snow White “the demon bite” artwork I did in 2017 for the Pantomime “Snow White and the Sever Ugly B******s” a fabulous British adult comedy on shows now all over the UK! Tickets: Cattle Productions Ltd ¡Despertar y lo primero que vez es tu arte en portada de DVD!...

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Oficial artwork I did for RATA BLANCA!

The Oficial artwork I did for the totally outstanding Argentinian Band RATA BLANCA! A total legend from Latin America, was such a honor to be working on their 30 aniversary artwork! So My Gypsy Illustration is actually a compilation of all their albums into one...

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Me siento bendecida

Hoy hace un año exactamente yo estaba en Suiza Gruyeres, at the HR Giger Museum!!! cumpliendo una de los mayores sueños de la vida de una pequeña Farr, No solo conocer el museo de una de los grandes masters de la historia, sino invitada a exhibir en su museo, con una...

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